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Another Clicking Game (clickfan)

This is just another clicking game I found at Facebook. The link of the game is . If you have read my previous post about clicking cheat software , you will know that the program can be used for this game as well. But unfortunatelly, my program is not good enough to be able to put your name on the top 100 ranks, as the highest score on this game is 3001 clicks for normal (15 seconds). Using my cheat program, you will only able to get max around 650 as shown in the image below: So how do we able to get more than 650? What you need are: Internet explorer Cheat Engine 5.5 (download here ) Fast hand :) See the video below to show you the details on how to do it. or click on this link if the video above is not working. And here is the screenshot of the result Good luck and please only do this to make your friends curious :p
Configure the WSUS Server Download WSUS 3.0 SP2 from Microsoft Download Centre Install these components, using add roles in Windows 2008: Windows Authentication Static Content ASP.NET IIS 6.0 Management Compatibility IIS 6.0 Metabase Compatibility Download and install Microsoft Report Viewer, version 2005 or later (current version is Report Viewer 2008) Download and install WSUS 3.0 SP2 (current version of WSUS) Choose full installation as we don't have any WSUS installed before. After the installation finish, it will run WSUS automatically. On the Choose Upstream Server page, select synchronize from Microsoft update (since we don't have any other WSUS server). Ensure that Launch The Windows Server Update Serveices Administration Console and untick begin initial synchronization. Click finish and you done with the basic settings. Configure the WSUS Client without joining domain Run gpedit.msc (start, run, type gpedit.msc) on client's computer. This option is only available

Hiren can not load the CD ROM Driver

Hiren Boot CD is a superb all in one tools, that helps from regular user to the IT tech guys alot. If you boot this CD, you will find heaps of tools such as: mini windows XP, recovery, backup, partition, and other tools. But the problem is, if your optical drive is using SATA connection, sometimes Hiren's bootCD will required drive emulation as it only support ATA optical drive. The result: it won't be able to loads it's driver. So one way to solve the computer with SATA optical drive is by using Hiren in USB instead. In this post, I'll show you step by step on how I did it (credit goes to for the information). Connect a USB Drive (256Mb or more). Right click the USB drive in Windows Explorer, and choose format (this step will destroy all the data inside the USB stick, so make sure you already have backup the data you need). You can tick quick format if you are sure the USB stick is still in a good condition, or just untick it if you afraid you have badsector

Error code 8024001b (solved)

This happened to me, when I change my WSUS source from the default Microsoft website to Internal WSUS server (see the previous post about configuring WSUS here ). To solve, do these steps (credit goes to Bsod from Microsoft Answer Forum ): Open the Command Prompt. · Click Start, click All Programs, and click Accessories. · Right-click Command Prompt, and select Run as administrator. · Click Continue if prompted to do so. Rename the cache folder. · Type the following, and press Enter after each line: net stop wuauserv ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.OLD net start wuauserv exit Check for Windows Update. · Click Start, click All Programs, and select Windows Update. · Click on Check for updates. · Once the search is complete click on View available updates. · Locate the update for the Windows Update Agent, and install only that update. · If it installs successfully proceed with installing the other updates as usual.

Windows 7 is here :D

Today, succeed on upgrading all my laptops with new operating system. Dell XPS, fresh installed with Windows 7 Professional, bought for around 63$ (licence 49$ plus delivery of the hardcopy 14$) from it is not cheating Microsoft. My old laptop (Toshiba) installed by Ubuntu 9.10 kosmik as the main operating system and Windows 7 Ultimate trial. After the trial end, will decide wether I will buy Windows operating system, or stay with Ubuntu :) Will give the more details update later...

Microsoft Bus Driver Should be Loaded Before Installing

It was very annoying >.< I was installing my friend laptop with XP operating system, everything went smoothly except for the audio part. Searching on Google for several minutes and found some of tips to get rid of the error, such as we have to install the chipset first, have to install Microsoft UAA, install KB888111 update, etc. But none of the solution worked for me -_-' I knew that the problem is that Microsoft UAA driver is not installed yet. But even I already tried to install the driver, still I can not get rid of that message. After several minutes frustating moment, finally ^^ I realized what was wrong with my installation. It was because I installed my friend's laptop with black edition XP!! This edition is the reduced XP to make it slimmer and faster. This version is very good for several people, but it also became boomerang for others (like me). Then I tried to install my friend laptop with the original XP disc that came with it. The XP original CD installation

ZA Game Cheat?

Well, honestly.. I just know that AZ was not enough. Some people requested the ZA cheat program over my Facebook and in order to answer the request, here is AZ Cheat v3.1 ^^ It has the ability to choose between AZ or ZA cheat and also has some minor fixes as well, such as able to be used for 1 round only (in the previous version, if you enter 1, the program will not work, thanks to someone that pointing it out). This version is not very sophisticated I know -_-' later if I have more free time, I will create a better version. But for now, I think it will enough :) Enjoy..

Cheat update on type A-Z by Microtivity

This is the second version of the cheat program. Instead of giving the same result every time you run the program, this version will give random time on each A to Z character, so it can be disguised as a cheat program :D Plus you will get more "fun", because your final result will be different from others who use the same program. Here is the result screen shot using the AZ Cheat v1.1 old program: And here is the result screen shot after run the latest program: More colorful, aye? ^^ Download the program here: AZ Cheat V2.1.exe Update : AZ Cheat V3.1 . It can be used for either AZ and ZA cheat :)

Simple cheat for type A-Z by Microtivity

Just another simple cheat program I created for the flash game on Facebook using autoit script ^^ The game actually very simple and fun, we have to type A to Z as quick as we can for five times in a row then it will take the average time, then compare it with other friends that took the game as well. By the way, I convince you to try avoiding using this program if you want to have a fair competition and fun play. But if you just as bored as me and just want to show off a little bit, then try this cheat :p Here is some screen shot I took to show how the program work: First run the program, type how many times A-Z you need (in case you need it for other game). Then after you press Ok, open the game (it will be great if you open it before running the program). Then click the start button, and wait for around 2 seconds before the program start. As you can see from the screen shot above, I have the highest score. 1,27 seconds to type from A to Z which is quite impossible for

How to install compiz fusion in Ubuntu Jaunty

Sometimes it is confusing, since we can not get compiz setting manager from Synaptic Package Manager. The only way to do it is using terminal, and we have to know the exact name of the package. That is why I write here, in case I will forget later >.< Open Application, Accessories, Terminal Type "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager" Done, you can get the compiz from System, Preferences, Compiz Config Manager

Smarter Way to Optimize Your Windows

Tired of slow, easy to crash and unstable Windows? Wonder what can you do to make your Windows faster? Then you come to the right place, try to read this article. Windows is an operating system, means it is provide an user interface that help a person to interact with the machine. Because the complexity of a computer, we as human can not get in control directly to every things that happened inside it. For example, if we install a new program. What we can do is we rely on our operating system to decide where they will save our file in our hard drive, rely on them to decide what registry to be saved, even nowadays people tend to trust a software and do the silent install -means accept all things by default- instead of doing custom installation. This make things worse sometimes, because we lost control on what our computer doing. Lots of software come and go as the time fly, update installed without being control, and unused registry still stay in our system, even no program ever use it.

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New blogger address

I actually love the old address, . Wantedryan was my first and widely used alias. But things changing because of Facebook >.< How?! Today 13 of June, for it's first time, Facebook allows it's user to pick an alias that can be used for Facebook URL. And for mine, after laughing on names that suggested by Facebook, then I found that no one used my last name yet. Apparantly, I just realized that my last name is uncommon -.-' After finished with new alias for Facebook, then I check my last name availbilty in blogger, and OMG, it also available!! (As I recall, the name wasn't available when I first time register for the blog). And since now it is available, then why not pick the same alias as my Facebook account?! Ha3x... Yeah, that's the story behind the changing to new address. I hope with new address, I can be more productive and can write much more of my thoughts :) Ciao....

Clicking Program v1.1

This just a small program I created using autoIT programming to do cheat on Facebook game . Really waste of time I know, but still I want to publish it here. Who knows someone can find the program useful for other purposes :D The program is very simple, you just run it under Windows environment. Put how many times you want to click, and then point to place you want to click, and then the program will start clicking automatically. Here is the screen shot after I use the program to cheat on Click Challenge v2 Facebook See the huge gap between me and the real winner? unfortunately the maximum clicking point already set to 700 so I can't go beyond it. Ow and the pic is blurred to keep the confidentiality of my friends ^^ So, here is the link to download the program . Enjoy and use it wisely. Any usage problem just put a comment below.

VirtualBox default IP address for NAT

Gosh.. I always forget this details >.< So better to create it on one post. This details will have to put manually if NAT is not working in your VirtualBox network. IP address: Netmask: Default gateway: DNS server: How to change your IP address details on Windows Go to start, control panel, double click on network connection (Windows XP) or Go to start, type network, click on network and sharing centre, click manage network connections on left menu (Windows Vista) Right click on your nat network card then click on properties Choose internet protocol / internet protocol version 4 from the middle box, and then click properties. Click on use the following IP address and then change to the details I put above. See picture for more details How to change your IP address on Linux Go to terminal, type ifconfig eth0 up. (eth0 is you nat network card) type ifconfig eth0 inet netmask and press enter also you have to change fi

Which VPN Protocol should I use?

I have another assignment on how to create a VPN solution for an corporate company. This company will need VPN for their mobile user, to connecting two of their building, and for their extranet partner solution. Thinking about IPsec as the solution for mobile user solution, because: ISA server and Cisco hardware already support this. Now it's depend on which base I will need, hardware of software? Personally I like software much, because if there is a need to upgrade it, I can do it easily. With hardware, sometimes there is a limitation on upgrading the OS. With IPsec, I will use IKE for the key exchange solution, and AH, ESP for authentication. Not too hard, just need a big understanding on how it will work. Beside these protocols already the best if I'm not wrong It is easy to have mobile user, with Cisco hardware. They already create the cisco vpn client program so I don't have to deal with the client. Nice ^^ Although I know you can connect using Windows, but hey, less

What will I do with this blog

Hmmm.. I guess this blog will be the place where I write when I feel bored >.< Mainly, I plan to divide the posts in two main categories. First about IT which is the subject I study, and the second it my random thoughts about everything around me. So if you come here just to look for some IT related articles, please ignore posts with random tag :) It is usually useless for you, but for me, writing random thoughts will be some relief, especially when I feel bored just like now. That's it for now. Stay tune for the next article, which I feel will be related to IT or technology or gadged.