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Wifi Sync Not Working on Windows 7 64bit (Solved)

IOS5 got a new feature which is very great for iPhone users. It is now can be sync with iTunes over Wifi. It means that whenever you the iPhone connected to the same local network with PC/Mac, there will be an option to sync it over Wifi without the need to connect it with a cable. The problem? It did not work when I turn this option on. It just greyed the Sync button on my iPhone even though I already enable it in my iTunes. Maybe because I use PC with Windows 7 and as we all know, Apple hates Microsoft :p (j/k) If you have the same problem, follow these steps to solve it: Connect your phone with cable to your PC Open iTunes Restart your router Restart your PC Restart your iPhone Solved :)  Yes, that simple :) Somehow the Wifi sync can not be enabled on the spot thus it need a great effort from you to restart all your devices. If those steps still not enable you to sync your device over Wifi, I found other solutions from Apple Discussion board ( https://discussio

The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed (Solved)

I use Microsoft Windows 7 OS and for the server I use Windows Server 2008 OS After searching on the net, the best way to do it is: Unplugged the network cable / disable wireless. Logged in using the cached credentials. Under System Properties, under Computer Name, goto Network ID. Ran the network wizard with the network cable still unplugged. Right after you type in your credentials under the User Account and Domain Information screen, plugged the network cable back in / turn on your wireless connection. It asked you to verify again with my Administrative account to my domain, and it will took it Reboot your system and VIOLA everything worked again! No need to delete your domain and rejoin your computer Great :)