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Reece Mastin "Good Night" vs. Pink - "Raise Your Glass"

Pink VS Reece Mastin Recee Mastin just won the XFactor Australia and he got the new song contract from Sony Recording. The song title is Good Night. It was first aired around 22 of November 2011. When I heard the first tune of this song, do you know what it reminds me of? Pink song, Raise your glass :D Apparently I'm not the only one. Lots of rumor in the internet that this song actually is a rip off  of Raise Your Glass song from Pink. Some people even say 'Good Night' that sung by Recee is actually 'Raise Your Glass" music with different words. Wow... Sony will have some explanation to do if the problem became bigger.  F or me, the similarities happen just because in fact it uses the same chord, and tempo and beats. Good Night song using the chord G D Em C and the same with Raise your glass, it is a combination of  G D C C Em D.. There.. Now you will know why it feels similar.. But the song itself are really different from my point of view. I

App for Switch Wifi without Jailbreak

Previously it is not possible for us to create a shortcut for wifi switcher in iPhone unless you jailbreak your phone. This is because Apple does not allow setting for apps to turn on or off the wifi setting. Luckily, I found a solution to turn the wifi on and off without the need of jailbreak. What you need to do is go to this website: from your phone. Then based on what you need, just click on various settings available and then add to home screen. For example, to create a shortcut for wifi switcher, click on wifi. It will ask whether you want to open this page in "Settings"?, press cancel. Afterwards, click on the middle bottom button on the same page, it will pop out options, and then press add to home screen. And then you just need to wait for the icon picture to load and then press ok. After you done that, you will have one new icon, called wifi, which you can tap anytime to switch off or on your wifi. This shortcut will s

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Air TV from Apple Paired with iPhone 4S

I just purchased a new game for my iPhone, Metal Storm. It is a Jet fighting game on iPhone. When I play this game, I think to my self, how if we actually able to play this game in a larger screen while holding the iPhone as the controller. It will be so much awesome. Then I searched on net on how to connect iPhone to big screen. At first I thought I have to buy the clumsy cable made in China, which need to be connected with VGA or HDMI, but boy... I am definetely wrong. Apple already got the technology for this. It is called Apple TV. Apple TV is a device that run as a digital TV box. You can borrow movies, watch YouTube, listen to radio, songs. But the best plus technology for this device is the Air Play Mirroring, which will mirror what you have on your iPhone to a bigger TV that connected to the Apple TV, wireless ly. Yes, so my thought of clumsy cable gone, and I just go straight to JB HiFi (I live in Australia) to purchase one this device. The packaging is very simp

Wifi Sync Not Working on Windows 7 64bit (Solved)

IOS5 got a new feature which is very great for iPhone users. It is now can be sync with iTunes over Wifi. It means that whenever you the iPhone connected to the same local network with PC/Mac, there will be an option to sync it over Wifi without the need to connect it with a cable. The problem? It did not work when I turn this option on. It just greyed the Sync button on my iPhone even though I already enable it in my iTunes. Maybe because I use PC with Windows 7 and as we all know, Apple hates Microsoft :p (j/k) If you have the same problem, follow these steps to solve it: Connect your phone with cable to your PC Open iTunes Restart your router Restart your PC Restart your iPhone Solved :)  Yes, that simple :) Somehow the Wifi sync can not be enabled on the spot thus it need a great effort from you to restart all your devices. If those steps still not enable you to sync your device over Wifi, I found other solutions from Apple Discussion board ( https://discussio

The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed (Solved)

I use Microsoft Windows 7 OS and for the server I use Windows Server 2008 OS After searching on the net, the best way to do it is: Unplugged the network cable / disable wireless. Logged in using the cached credentials. Under System Properties, under Computer Name, goto Network ID. Ran the network wizard with the network cable still unplugged. Right after you type in your credentials under the User Account and Domain Information screen, plugged the network cable back in / turn on your wireless connection. It asked you to verify again with my Administrative account to my domain, and it will took it Reboot your system and VIOLA everything worked again! No need to delete your domain and rejoin your computer Great :)

How to read web in more cool way

We visit the blog / site because we want to read or gather information. But when the blog / site that we visit often, got cluttered by ads, picture, and some other small things, it will make it hard for us to understand the content. Reader from Safari is a really great tool to solve this problem. But not all of us like to use Safari :) Like me, I'm firefox fanboy and it is hard for me to switch browser because I'm already getting used to use Firefox. Luckily, there is an easy way to fix this. Readable from will solve the problem (at least for me :D) This solution works use bookmark so it means that you don't need to install it, and plus you can customize this solution to suit your need. What you need to do is just to go to their website: and start customizing. Once you finish, drag the readble button to your toolbar as shown in the picture below Alternatively, for firefox user, there is an