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How to get responsive design in Moodle 2.6 clean install

Update: Moodle 2.7 is now using  Clean  theme by default, therefore this is not applicable anymore. Moodle in their release page, mentions one of their new updated main feature is the responsive design. I am getting excited, because with this new responsive design, user experience will be enhanced as the site will be responding to the device screen resolution size. But when I tried to install into my local development by downloading their latest stable release, the resolution is not changing based on the page size! Tried to access it using my mobile, and it still showing the same non responsive design. Then I tried to look the setting, under appearance, to see whether I need to enable responsive design setting first, but no luck. I can not find this setting anywhere. And then I tried to Google it. As this is a new release, so I still unable to find anyone that has the same problem as me (Or maybe it's just me being unlucky?) After trying for some times, finally I realise