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When dad?

Lots of time I ask my dad about things in life because he always find the best possible answer for all my questions. One of the example is when I asked him about the best time to do something. Dad, when should I do this? And he only answer me with one word: now. At first, I always disagree. Gave so many excuses. My dad stands still. He said: son, you will never know what will happen tomorrow. Live today like there's no tomorrow and there will be nothing able to obstruct you. This advise really struck me well, and bring me to where I am now. So with this post, I just want to say Thanks Dad :) for making me who I am today. image borrowed from:

Windows 7 Setup Stuck on Completing Installation

Have you ever install Windows 7 and wait for so long loooooooooooooooooooooooong on completing the installation? I did ~.~ just today when I have to work on Saturday T__T Tried to reinstall twice, with no luck, still stuck in the same place. But then I realized, from my previous experience, sometimes when you have USB device plugged into the computer, when booting the computer, Windows will have something like looping problems. For example, last time my windows crash, and then when I tried to restore the installation with my external drive attached, it is stuck on restoring for hours. In my case today, I realized I installed the windows from my external CD-Rom. It is because I re-installed Asus EEE PC in my work place which does not have CD-Rom by default.  So what I did: Do clean installation (for the third time) Wait until the setup finalized copying installation files, expanding the files, and installing the features.  Windows setup will give you final messa

What Blackberry can do, which iPhone Can't

I wrote this post because I just thought my blackberry is better :p Hahahaha.. No, I'm just kidding.. I just want to compare between two smartphones that I use currently, Blackberry Bold 9700 and iPhone 4S. What things that iPhone can not do / struggling to do (or have to use 3rd party apps): Can't change ringtone from your own music, You have to use 3rd party apps rmaker or purchase the ringtone from itunes even though you already purchased the complete song. And also using rmaker (free or paid version), the ring tone is limited to max 40 seconds. There is no sound profile. The only options are ring or silent (vibrate) I can make as many profile I want even on my old phone, so I can use it depending on my mood on the day Poor battery life Really can not compare the battery life with Blackberry. Iphone battery life only last for less than a day ~.~ No facebook contact sync My blackberry will sync my Facebook account and update the picture automatically when I connect it

How to Maximize Your iPhone 4S

 10 Hidden Stuffs That Are Useful in iPhone 4S (IOS5) This tutorial is written by me after some trial using my IOS5 iphone, so I'm not too sure whether it will be the same with the older (or newer?) version of IOS. By the way, these tutorials are quite basic, so I just wrote them for people that still new to iPhone (like me :D) and for people that use Blackberry too long (like me :D). Hahahaha.... Anyway, these are the shortcuts/new things/tricks that I found on my Iphone 4S which use IOS5 Camera Shortcut Ever wonder how to open up your camera application quickly? This will make you happy :D Double tap your home button when the iPhone is locked, and you will see on the bottom right corner, there is new shortcut for camera. Close Running Apps When you click your home button, actually those application is not closed (some are really closed, some save their current state and minimized themselves). To see your running apps, press home button twice. To close them, ho

Post from iPhone: WORKS

I think I'll start to love my iPhone :D

Found blogger apps on app world

This is my test post from the iPhone :D let's see how well it works.

I got a new iPhone 4s

After using Blackberry 9700 for almost 2 years, I guess it is time for me to update to a newer version of smart phone. This story below is why I consider to ditch replace my Blackberry. Lady in the movie counter (LITMC): ticket please Me: I got it on my email (show my blackberry) (LITMC): *tried so hard to pinch and touch my screen Me: ummm, it is not a touch screen, it is blackberry (LITMC): *ignoring me and still try to pinch the screen Me: T_T Since Apple just release iPhone 4S with Siri, it really tempt me to buy it, so I got this phone about a week ago. My verdict? For me, Blackberry is way more better and smarter than iPhone :D Yes, iPhone got its own strength, but Blackberry is much better in many ways. In my next post I'll show you why :) For now, I'll just play around with my iPhone and hoping that with a lot of apps, it can beat my Blackberry.