Microsoft Bus Driver Should be Loaded Before Installing

It was very annoying >.< I was installing my friend laptop with XP operating system, everything went smoothly except for the audio part. Searching on Google for several minutes and found some of tips to get rid of the error, such as we have to install the chipset first, have to install Microsoft UAA, install KB888111 update, etc. But none of the solution worked for me -_-'

I knew that the problem is that Microsoft UAA driver is not installed yet. But even I already tried to install the driver, still I can not get rid of that message. After several minutes frustating moment, finally ^^ I realized what was wrong with my installation. It was because I installed my friend's laptop with black edition XP!! This edition is the reduced XP to make it slimmer and faster. This version is very good for several people, but it also became boomerang for others (like me).

Then I tried to install my friend laptop with the original XP disc that came with it. The XP original CD installation took longer time than slim version XP. Also I have to update Windows SP3 manually, but it was worthed ^^

After the installation, I installed the chipset first to avoid anything wrong and then install the audio driver. It went very smooth, I even can not trust my own eyes >.<

So the bottomline is, if you have the same problem, do not use slim version Windows unless you are a very pro user!! And for those who are very pro user, if you have time, please enlight me how to solve that problem without re-install with the original version of Windows :D


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