VirtualBox default IP address for NAT

Gosh.. I always forget this details >.< So better to create it on one post. This details will have to put manually if NAT is not working in your VirtualBox network.

IP address:
Default gateway:
DNS server:

How to change your IP address details on Windows
  • Go to start, control panel, double click on network connection (Windows XP) or Go to start, type network, click on network and sharing centre, click manage network connections on left menu (Windows Vista)
  • Right click on your nat network card then click on properties
  • Choose internet protocol / internet protocol version 4 from the middle box, and then click properties.
  • Click on use the following IP address and then change to the details I put above. See picture for more details

How to change your IP address on Linux
  • Go to terminal, type ifconfig eth0 up. (eth0 is you nat network card)
  • type ifconfig eth0 inet netmask and press enter
  • also you have to change file in /etc/resolv.conf. Type vi /etc/resolv.conf to open the file.
  • press 'i' to go to insert mode, change the nameserver to, press esc, then press ':wq' and then enter (all without single quote sign)
That's it. Hope I won't forget the next time I have to deal with this problem.


VinhCX said…
Great post, thanks!

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