New blogger address

I actually love the old address, Wantedryan was my first and widely used alias. But things changing because of Facebook >.< How?!

Today 13 of June, for it's first time, Facebook allows it's user to pick an alias that can be used for Facebook URL. And for mine, after laughing on names that suggested by Facebook, then I found that no one used my last name yet. Apparantly, I just realized that my last name is uncommon -.-'

After finished with new alias for Facebook, then I check my last name availbilty in blogger, and OMG, it also available!! (As I recall, the name wasn't available when I first time register for the blog). And since now it is available, then why not pick the same alias as my Facebook account?! Ha3x... Yeah, that's the story behind the changing to new address.

I hope with new address, I can be more productive and can write much more of my thoughts :) Ciao....


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