Hiren can not load the CD ROM Driver

Hiren Boot CD is a superb all in one tools, that helps from regular user to the IT tech guys alot. If you boot this CD, you will find heaps of tools such as: mini windows XP, recovery, backup, partition, and other tools. But the problem is, if your optical drive is using SATA connection, sometimes Hiren's bootCD will required drive emulation as it only support ATA optical drive. The result: it won't be able to loads it's driver.

So one way to solve the computer with SATA optical drive is by using Hiren in USB instead. In this post, I'll show you step by step on how I did it (credit goes to hiren.info for the information).
  1. Connect a USB Drive (256Mb or more).
  2. Right click the USB drive in Windows Explorer, and choose format (this step will destroy all the data inside the USB stick, so make sure you already have backup the data you need). You can tick quick format if you are sure the USB stick is still in a good condition, or just untick it if you afraid you have badsector on your drive.
  3. Download grub4dos program from here. Run grubinst_gui.exe file, and do this settings (step by step from 1 to 4):
  4. After you the installation finished, copy gldr and menu.lst from grub4dos folder to the USB Flash Drive.
  5. Copy the whole things from your Hiren CD / Iso to the USB Flash Drive
  6. That's all the steps you need :) Now the only thing left is to set your BIOS to boot from USB / USB-Zip (PHOENIX/AWARD BIOS) / USB-Stick (AMI BIOS). Restart the computer and you will notice that it will open the Grub, asking which operating system you want to run.
If you have any problem, don't hesitate to leave a comment here, or alternativelly go to the original tutorial file, here: http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd-on-usb-disk.

Happy trying and good luck :)


A-Esam said…
Booting Hiren from a bootable USBStick didn't solve the problem (At least in my case).
I've solved a similar problem when I was trying to install XP on my HP pavilion laptop. It said that no mass storage device is found. By integrating the SATA drivers using nlite software into the installation CD I was able to install XP. I was wondering if I can use nlite to do the same with the Hiren CD...
It seems that nlite integrates drivers for a WINDOWS installaion only.

Thanks in advance..
Flickr said…

As far as I know, Ntlite only integrates driver for Windows only. I used this trick, when I faced the same hardware, which is HP Pavilion and need to back up data (not install new Windows). Not sure why it won't work in your case. Have you set the 1st boot device at BIOS to USB?
A-Esam said…
Thanks Adrian for your reply....
The problem is not booting from the USBstick. Hiren boots perfectly and shows its menu including all partitioning,MBR,clone,....etc programs.
The problem is that it can't load any of these programs (on HP pavilion dv6) whether I've booted from a CD or a USB.
Flickr said…
I see... Well.. For that matter I guess the only solution is using the original HP Disc if you have, or Nlite ~.~
Anonymous said…
grub4dos don't work on 64 bits windows 7, alternative??
Anonymous said…
For those of you that are having the load from CD issues,

Boot into Mini XP >> then click Start >> point to HBCD Menu >> Find Ghost.

Run it!

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