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How to share file on VirtualBox 2.2

Virtual box 2.2 will stop working, if you choose to share folder using VirtualBox Shared Folder function. This problem exist particularly on Windows Guest. Sun still have not come out with solution on this problem, so we have to trick it a little bit to able to exchange files between host and guest OS. In this case study I use VirtualBox 2.2 on Windows Vista Host. Using USB Devices Copy the file you want to your USB storage, and then close all windows. In VirtualBox 2.2, USB setting is enable by default. So what you have to do is click USB from setting of your Virtual Machine. Don't turn on virtual machine, because if you set the USB after you turn the machine on, it is likely you will get an error message. Click on plus button, and select USB storage device you want to take over by your Virtual Machine. That's it, simple and easy. Just one downside, the USB Storage Device will not detected anymore on your host. Means you have to disconnect USB from virtual machine before copy

Mouse Integration Problem on Virtualbox 2.2

Recently I installed Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Operating System on my laptop. After I tried step by step installing Virtual Box Guest Addition Tools from internet, I could not get the mouse integration working while my friend that done the same step did not have any problems. Then, after several hours googling, then I found the solution from Virtual Box Forum . The solution is very simple, and I will explain in more details than the forum did. Open your guest operating system (in my case it is Ubuntu 9.04) and then open to terminal (Applications, Accessories, Terminal). Type sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf. If the sudo passwod asked, input your Ubuntu password. Paste this code below device section: Section "InputDevice" Identifier "Configured Mouse" Driver "vboxmouse" Option "CorePointer" EndSection Save the changes, and then restart the guest operating system That's it, very simple right..

How to install Virtualbox Addition Ubuntu 9.04

Installing virtual box guest addition will enable guest operating system to maximize the usage of 3D Acceleration, will allow guest operating system to use bigger resolution, provide seamless mode capability and also enable mouse integration. This tutorial will show step by step how to install virtual box addition on Linux guest and Windows Host. Run Linux (in this case I use Ubuntu 9.04), and then select Devices, Install guest additions... Ubuntu will automatically mount a new CD room, contains the installation of Virtual Box Guest Addition. Open your terminal (On Ubuntu, go to Application, Accessories, and select Terminal ) Type cd /media/cdrom , press enter Type sudo sh ./ It will install all the program, and if you see installation successful, restart required message, type sudo shutdown -r 0 and hit enter. It will restart your host operating system, and after the installation, you should be able to maximize the function that I stated above. For some peopl

What will I do with this blog

Hmmm.. I guess this blog will be the place where I write when I feel bored >.< Mainly, I plan to divide the posts in two main categories. First about IT which is the subject I study, and the second it my random thoughts about everything around me. So if you come here just to look for some IT related articles, please ignore posts with random tag :) It is usually useless for you, but for me, writing random thoughts will be some relief, especially when I feel bored just like now. That's it for now. Stay tune for the next article, which I feel will be related to IT or technology or gadged.

First thought

I think I should change the blog layout. It is nice, I like blue, but the font color is red >.< not a very good combination I feel. So start from tomorrow I'll looking for a new themes for the blog. I'm a minimalist type person, so the next themes will still be minimalist, but with better color composition.

Time is tickin away

Yea.. you know time is always move forward. So please use it as good as possible. Spread the love for others and always try to be the better person that you are now. That way, you won't waste your time, and you will understand your part in this world. Only short post I know :) but what can you say. Great things always start by a small steps. God bless all of you..

What you do when you are boring

I feel so bored this morning :( So I decided to write one or two things here. My topic is what you do when you are boring?! People is not a perfect machine, they fail very often. Boring, is one failure in life, so I think, we should fix it immediately before it spread out, made us weaker each day. For me, to lose this boringness, I'll do something not ordinary :) Writing is something that I not really like, especially writing in English >.< Hmm.. That challenge for me and I will do it. From today, I will commit to start writing on my blog, and update it as much as possible (God please help >.<) Hahaha... That is what I'm doing when I'm boring, commit to some thing that I really don't like. Giving my self new challenges, made me see the world in a fresher way. Odd and nerd I know. But hey, people created different right? Good day for all of you :) Have a good night, and cu in my other post.