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How to install compiz fusion in Ubuntu Jaunty

Sometimes it is confusing, since we can not get compiz setting manager from Synaptic Package Manager. The only way to do it is using terminal, and we have to know the exact name of the package. That is why I write here, in case I will forget later >.< Open Application, Accessories, Terminal Type "sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager" Done, you can get the compiz from System, Preferences, Compiz Config Manager

Smarter Way to Optimize Your Windows

Tired of slow, easy to crash and unstable Windows? Wonder what can you do to make your Windows faster? Then you come to the right place, try to read this article. Windows is an operating system, means it is provide an user interface that help a person to interact with the machine. Because the complexity of a computer, we as human can not get in control directly to every things that happened inside it. For example, if we install a new program. What we can do is we rely on our operating system to decide where they will save our file in our hard drive, rely on them to decide what registry to be saved, even nowadays people tend to trust a software and do the silent install -means accept all things by default- instead of doing custom installation. This make things worse sometimes, because we lost control on what our computer doing. Lots of software come and go as the time fly, update installed without being control, and unused registry still stay in our system, even no program ever use it.