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Delete a file that was uploaded via text editor in Moodle 2

Start from Moodle 2.0, it changed how it is handling the file inside the system. For security reason, the file is not saved as it is anymore (not like 1.9). It will be encrypted and stored into chunks of files. When you uploaded a file (mostly media resources like audio, video or image) via text editor, if you decided not to use the file anymore, there is no way for the administrator to delete the file using FTP and there was no way for the teacher / content manager to delete the unused file via the text editor itself. If you uploaded a big file (like video) this will become a problem when you try to backup your course because the file will be included in the backup file which will bloat the size of the course backup file. This in my experience will slow down the backup process and also you will likely get the maximum execution time error if your server has low capacity. I searched to find the way to solve this. One of the post that I found is this: