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I want a dog!!

I just saw this vid on Youtube: OMG... Now I want a Jack Terrier!! How can a dog be so funny -.-'

Black border on video created by Windows Live Movie Maker

Have you ever feel very frustrated because your HD video created using Windows Live Movie Maker has a black border on the sharing result? I did ~.~ Frustrated and felt desperate, I just closed Windows Live Movie Maker, and planed to buy another video editing program. But then, while I browse on internet to search alternative for Windows Live Movie Maker, I realized there is a button in this program to change the aspect ratio!! By default, the aspect ration is 4:3 which is not a widescreen format. That's why my vid came with black edge. I really don't know why Microsoft do something like this while the majority of screen produced right now are widescreen. Probably this is an old program that still come with new Windows? Anyway, to change the aspect ratio, click on view -> Aspect ratio -> Widescreen (16:9). So simple as that @_@ The result was not too bad, below you can see the example of editing that I done on Microsoft Live Movie Maker, with 1280x720 HD size. The

How I Met Your Mother s05e12 - Barney Singing (With Subtitle)

Barney singing on comedy series, How I Met Your Mother:

How to create a good Video?

Anyone know how to create a vid like this? With the background blur and the focus always stay with the girls ~.~ LOL

Look at me - I'm old!

Hey, Look at me in 20 years from now! Make yourself older! See your face in 20 years

Haiti Earthquake

Haitian government estimates that the 7 SR earthquake death could reach 100 thousand or more. While the living victims suffer from hunger, beg for food on the street. At least more than 40 thousand bodies have been buried by the Government of Haiti. Estimated that 100 thousand victims killed in this week who has not found under collapsed buildings, according to a senior Haitian official said as quoted by Reuters on Saturday (16/1/2009). While the living feel hungry beg for food and drink in the streets. This happens because of the international aid, including food, can not divided because of damage to infrastructure, including airports and ports. The lack of food, water, law enforcement and medical aid has caused frustration and desperation among the country's residents who are fighting to survive in the aftermath of the disaster. Survivors spent a second night in hell on Haiti's streets amid chaotic scenes in the capital Port-au-Prince following the earthquake that

New in Picasa 3.6: Facial Recognition

In the new update of Picasa, now it will offer a facial recognition technology to help you identify faces in your pictures without requiring you to tag them manually each time you see them. Based on techcrunch , this technology comes from newly acquinted company (Neven Vision) that specialized in biometric and facial recognition. p.s:In addition to name tags, Picasa 3.6 has integrated Google Maps, so you can easily geotag your photos or view the locations of already-tagged photos on a map. See the image below, to see how nice it is to have a facial recognition ability in photo album program And if you feel like a litle bit narcistic, you can create you college photo like this :D To download the newest version of this program, go to: