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Clicking Program v1.1

This just a small program I created using autoIT programming to do cheat on Facebook game . Really waste of time I know, but still I want to publish it here. Who knows someone can find the program useful for other purposes :D The program is very simple, you just run it under Windows environment. Put how many times you want to click, and then point to place you want to click, and then the program will start clicking automatically. Here is the screen shot after I use the program to cheat on Click Challenge v2 Facebook See the huge gap between me and the real winner? unfortunately the maximum clicking point already set to 700 so I can't go beyond it. Ow and the pic is blurred to keep the confidentiality of my friends ^^ So, here is the link to download the program . Enjoy and use it wisely. Any usage problem just put a comment below.

VirtualBox default IP address for NAT

Gosh.. I always forget this details >.< So better to create it on one post. This details will have to put manually if NAT is not working in your VirtualBox network. IP address: Netmask: Default gateway: DNS server: How to change your IP address details on Windows Go to start, control panel, double click on network connection (Windows XP) or Go to start, type network, click on network and sharing centre, click manage network connections on left menu (Windows Vista) Right click on your nat network card then click on properties Choose internet protocol / internet protocol version 4 from the middle box, and then click properties. Click on use the following IP address and then change to the details I put above. See picture for more details How to change your IP address on Linux Go to terminal, type ifconfig eth0 up. (eth0 is you nat network card) type ifconfig eth0 inet netmask and press enter also you have to change fi

Which VPN Protocol should I use?

I have another assignment on how to create a VPN solution for an corporate company. This company will need VPN for their mobile user, to connecting two of their building, and for their extranet partner solution. Thinking about IPsec as the solution for mobile user solution, because: ISA server and Cisco hardware already support this. Now it's depend on which base I will need, hardware of software? Personally I like software much, because if there is a need to upgrade it, I can do it easily. With hardware, sometimes there is a limitation on upgrading the OS. With IPsec, I will use IKE for the key exchange solution, and AH, ESP for authentication. Not too hard, just need a big understanding on how it will work. Beside these protocols already the best if I'm not wrong It is easy to have mobile user, with Cisco hardware. They already create the cisco vpn client program so I don't have to deal with the client. Nice ^^ Although I know you can connect using Windows, but hey, less