Direct link to access phpMyAdmin when cPanel is not working

This happened to me today. It looks like the license of my cPanel has run out and I need to access the database in urgent. Luckily the FTP access still working so I can install phpMyAdmin manually that way. However, being a lazy person, I found a quicker and less labour intensive. To open phpMyAdmin without cPanel, you will just need to open this link:

Obviously, you need to change to your correct domain and if your cPanel is on a different port, you need to change the port number as well, but other than that, the link should work.

Enable PHP opcache extension on Windows XAMPP

If your XAMPP comes with PHP 5.5+ by default, opcache already included in the bundle, you will just need to enable it. To enable the extension:

Open php.ini (by default it should be located here: C:\xampp\php\php.ini).Add this line at the end of the file: zend_extension = "C:\xampp\php\ext\php_opcache.dll"
You will need to adjust the path if you installed XAMPP in non default location.Restart Apache server.

MySQL using Command Line on PC with XAMPP installed

With XAMPP when you have to import a very big mysql table, even though you have increase the script time in php.ini but sometimes it still does not cut the mustard. I found out another way to do this by going through the command line interface. For this example, I am going to use ms-dos in Microsoft Windows, however you can do similar thing with SSH.

Navigate to your MySQL folder (by default it should be C:\xampp\mysql\bin)Run mysql.exe with this command: mysql -u yourusername -p yourpassword.Once you are in MySQL interface, then type use dataBaseName. If the dataBase is not set yet, run this command: create database databaseName;After the new database created, type use databaseName;To import, type: source pathToSQLData. In PC, it will be something like source C:\xampp\htdocs\backup.sqlIt should start importing your data now.
Extra tip: In the command line, you can do all sort of other things that you usually type in phpmyadmin sql section, it will be just faster and not constrained by…

Loyalty card on your Pebble watch

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I am one person that hate bringing too much loyalty cards but also hate when I do not have it when I need it. Long time ago, I though I found the solution by storing them in my phone using storcard app, however since iPhone screen is too bright, most of the time the card won't get scanned.

Since I bought Pebble smart watch, one thing crossed my mind, because it has e-ink display, why don't I store my loyalty card on the device?

I googled how to do this, however the only answer I found is by creating an image of your loyalty card and then use WatchFace Generator to create a new watch face with your loyalty card. It might works (I have not test it) however since Pebble only has 8 app slots, it might not be the most effective way to do it.

Then I browsed through the Pebble watch app store and found an app, it is called Skunk. The app itself is very simple, however it serves my purpose. It can hold 8 loyalty cards in one app!

The process is, you have t…

Sorting apps on Pebble smart watch

One thing that bugging me is how Pebble store the installed application in my watch based on installation date. There was no way for me to re-arrange the application based on what I think logical.

Asked Google and found out that some people having the same problem. Some suggested to uninstall the application using Pebble app and reinstall it in the correct order. I tried to do that, but not only I lost all the data stored in the application, it does not work as well. Actually in the forum, it suggested for me to restart the watch after doing this process, but I don't bother to do it, which might cause the failure.

Out of curiosity, I tried to push the select button for several seconds. Surprisingly, it behaves like iPhone sorting mechanism, all applications wiggling and you can move the applications which you have selected before using the up and down button. It also works on Pebble's native applications like music, alarm, notification, etc.

I am so glad to find out about this…

Avoid Microsoft Excel deletes leading 0 in CSV files

When  you open CSV document using Microsoft Excel,  if you have a column with numeric data and leading 0, Excel will automatically delete the 0 and convert it the field type to number. To avoid Excel doing this automatically,  there are several ways. For me,  the easiest way is by importing the CSV file instead of opening it straight in Excel.

To do that, follow the steps below
Open a blank Microsoft Excel document. Navigate to data tab on your toolbar. Click import data from text.
Find your csv file and click import. Leave the default choices - file type as delimited, start import at row 1, and file origin: MS-DOS and press Next.
On the next screen, tick comma under delimiter options. You can untick or leave tab as it is. Press next. On the last screen, change the column with leading zero numeric data format as text. To do this, simply click on the column and change the column data format as Text.
Click finish.It will ask where do you want to put the data, press Ok.

Dragonvale dragon track winning guide

To make sure you win ever time you race on dragon track, follow the guide below:

* Pay attention on the track name. For example on the picture below, the track name is Rime or Reason.

* Select dragon based on this guide below:
Blast Furnace - Fire, metal (Forge Dragon, Brass Dragon, Sulfur Dragon)Cherry Road - Fire, plant, earth (Cotton Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Paper Dragon)Dramoria - Cold, metal (Mine Dragon, Steel Dragon, Bearded Dragon)Electric skies - Lightning, air (Sonic Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Liberty Dragon)Marsh Land - Plant, water, earth (Seaweed Dragon, Swamp Dragon, Bouquet Dragon)Shimmering Fault Line - Lightning, earth (Crystal Dragon, Quake Dragon, Cotton Dragon)Rime or Reason - Air, cold (Blizzard Dragon, Snow Dragon)Ulster Meadow - Earth, plant (Moss Dragon, Tree Dragon, Forest Dragon, Clover Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Mistletoe Dragon, Paper Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Arbor Dragon)Year of dragon - Earth, water, air, fire (Pan…