Cheat update on type A-Z by Microtivity

This is the second version of the cheat program. Instead of giving the same result every time you run the program, this version will give random time on each A to Z character, so it can be disguised as a cheat program :D Plus you will get more "fun", because your final result will be different from others who use the same program.

Here is the result screen shot using the AZ Cheat v1.1 old program:

And here is the result screen shot after run the latest program:

More colorful, aye? ^^

Download the program here: AZ Cheat V2.1.exe

Update: AZ Cheat V3.1. It can be used for either AZ and ZA cheat :)


Unknown said…
could u pls provide the auto it script for this exe.....
Flickr said…
I would love too. But just give me time to fix the code first, it looks very messy right now -_-'

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