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Paypal Australia Fees Calculator

So, Did you sell an item (for example on Ebay) and accept Paypal as your method of payment? Did you find out that you've been ripped off by Paypal without knowing how much you paid to them? Then we are in the same boat!! I hate to found out that Paypal did not put in my account site how much they actually has ripped me off :( So, in order to help other people with the same problem, I made a simple calculator below: Hopefully it will help you to count how much money you will actually get after Paypal fees :) I don't have any connection at all with Paypal, I'm just a person that have a big concern with the high amount of Paypal charges.

Canon 550D with 17-55mm Tamron F2.8

Here are the picture that I took after the 550D LCD cracked (which means I did not see the result until after I open it in my computer. Please click on the image to see the larger version of the picture.

Fix MYOB Required Administrator Account in Server 2008

If your company use MYOB as their accounting system and you work in multi user Windows Server environment, probably you have this problem where MYOB always ask for administrator account to run whereas the accountant only given access as a normal user. In this case, I use MYOB version 19 and Microsoft Windows 2008. To solve this problem, you just need to do some little tweak: Make sure that the user have access to the folder where you install MYOB, to do that, go to the installed folder, right click, properties, go to security tab and add the user Open the folder where you installed your MYOB, find myob.manifest and then right click, choose open with notepad Change requestedExecutionLevel from: Highest Available to asInvoker as shown below. Save it, and re run MYOB. It should shut the UAC up :) This also a fix for someone that use several user account under Microsoft Windows 7/Vista.

New Updates from Dragonvale Version (1.8) May Release

Finally, with this update (released today 18 May 2012 in Australia) Backflip studio really made some big differences. Usually Dragonvale updates is so minor that it does not intrigued me enough to play this game for very long time or to be bothered to write a post about that.  But with this new update (1.8), it really make the game feels fun -again-. So, what are the new things that introduced?  The most easy to notice update is the new design of the login screen (it is the time already after bored with the same screen look for very long time). The picture is still the same (sadly), but the way it is designed is different. Right now, the image are smaller and there is a space to run a random message. Backflip studio mentioned: "Pay attention to the new tips from the DragonVale wizard that appear as you wait a moment for the game to load. You may learn a few tricks that could help you further advance in the game" .  Yes, I found some messages that are good for pers

Ipad 2 with 32nm Processor Upgrade (Ipad 2.4)

I bought my iPad 2 (16GB Wifi) about 2 weeks ago because of the significant price drop (in Australia, you can get this iPad 2 for as low as $399 in Dick Smith while iPad 3 still priced around $500). I was very happy with this iPad 2, the battery is good, the screen resolution is acceptable, also I can not see any performance issue at all. But just today, I read lots of news regarding the new improved Apple iPad 2. It's basically the same item but with different processor. The new iPad 2 is using Samsung 32nm processor in opposed to Intel 45nm processor which shipped with the original model of the iPad 2. The new processor, theoretically resulted in good performance improvement over the original iPad 2. As Apple decided to put the same clock speed as the original iPad (1Ghz), therefore the performance improvement only can be felt trough the battery life. The iPad 2.4 will have a longer battery life and also less heat compared with the original iPad 2 based on my research on the

Black screen on Chrome Browser when using Google Maps

It happened when I tried to enable openGL (beta) when opening Google maps in Google Chrome from my work laptop.  I was using this openGL new feature from Google since last month in Firefox and Chrome from my home laptop and they were running pretty well. But for some reason, when I tried to enable it in my work laptop, the Google Chrome just showed a dark black page. There is nothing I can do because the screen is black. Tried to reset cookies and reset all settings back to default in Chrome with no avail. Solution 1 (If you still want to use OpenGL)  I then realized this laptop like some of new laptops have a hybrid display setting (my laptop is Dell Vostro 3550 with ATI Radeon Graphic Card) . Because I use  Google Chrome pretty often, that's why I set it to use the ATI Radeon instead of power saving Intel Graphic Card. So I turned the graphic option back to Intel (power saving), restart the browser and viola.. The maps show itself well. Interesting fact that actually o