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How to get Sun and Rainbow dragon

I can say I was lucky, I got these rare dragons with twice trial only :D I got the sun by breed Level 10 Blue Ice dragon with Level 10 Crystal dragon . The first attempt was failed, using Level 10 Blue Ice dragon with Level 9 Crystal dragon. Sun Dragon Sun Dragon Zoomed I got  the rainbow by breed Level 9 Blazing dragon with Level 10 Crystal dragon . The first attempt was failed, using level 10 Fire dragon with Level 10 Storm dragon. Rainbow Dragon Rainbow Dragon Zoomed Now only moon dragon left :D

Breed a reindeer dragon Dragonvale

With the Christmas 2011 update, Dragonvale game has some update, one of it is the reindeer dragon. This dragon has cold and plant element. Below are the suggested combination that I can found in internet and also my trials to breed this dragon. Anyone able to breed this dragon successfully? I just succeed today after 8 times trial. Trial times Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Result 1 Snow lvl 10 Plant lvl 9 Willow Dragon 1 Cold lvl 10 Swamp lvl 10 Snow Dragon 1 Cold lvl 10 Tree lvl 10 Moss Dragon 1 Willow lvl 10 Cold lvl 10 Snow Dragon 1 Cold lvl 10 Moss lvl 10 Mountain Dragon 2 Blue Ice lvl 10 Plant lvl 7 Flower Dragon 1 Ice lvl 10 Plant lvl 9 Swamp Dragon 1 Ice lvl 10 Plant lvl 10 Reindeer dragon. 1 Blue Ice lvl 10 Crystal lvl 9 Storm Dragon . Reindeer Dragon Egg and it's happy mother (or father?)

Dragonvale New Updates for Christmas 2011

Backflip studio just released a new update to their well known iPhone game Dragonvale . Before this release, the maximum level of the player only reach maximum 20 levels. With the update, not only the level increased, Backflip also give several new updates such as: The red nosed Reindeer Dragon -> Still try to breed this >.< Here are my trials Dragon Shrines ->Allow the dragon level to reach level 15, once you have at least 50 dragons with level 10 -> to know your current number of your dragon, click on the shrines, and then press info. What I found out is that, even though the dragon has been sold, the shrines still keep the record of the dragon. So to fasten the process of getting 50 dragon with level 10, what you need to do is to buy/breed, raise the level, sell it, and re do the process again and again. New island look (snowy) -> Christmas-y :p The treat farms are now upgrade able. The new treat farm will able to produce more food for your dragon with lesse

Wifi Sync Not Working on Windows 7 64bit (Solved)

IOS5 got a new feature which is very great for iPhone users. It is now can be sync with iTunes over Wifi. It means that whenever you the iPhone connected to the same local network with PC/Mac, there will be an option to sync it over Wifi without the need to connect it with a cable. The problem? It did not work when I turn this option on. It just greyed the Sync button on my iPhone even though I already enable it in my iTunes. Maybe because I use PC with Windows 7 and as we all know, Apple hates Microsoft :p (j/k) If you have the same problem, follow these steps to solve it: Connect your phone with cable to your PC Open iTunes Restart your router Restart your PC Restart your iPhone Solved :)  Yes, that simple :) Somehow the Wifi sync can not be enabled on the spot thus it need a great effort from you to restart all your devices. If those steps still not enable you to sync your device over Wifi, I found other solutions from Apple Discussion board ( https://discussio

The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed (Solved)

I use Microsoft Windows 7 OS and for the server I use Windows Server 2008 OS After searching on the net, the best way to do it is: Unplugged the network cable / disable wireless. Logged in using the cached credentials. Under System Properties, under Computer Name, goto Network ID. Ran the network wizard with the network cable still unplugged. Right after you type in your credentials under the User Account and Domain Information screen, plugged the network cable back in / turn on your wireless connection. It asked you to verify again with my Administrative account to my domain, and it will took it Reboot your system and VIOLA everything worked again! No need to delete your domain and rejoin your computer Great :)

Windows 7 Setup Stuck on Completing Installation

Have you ever install Windows 7 and wait for so long loooooooooooooooooooooooong on completing the installation? I did ~.~ just today when I have to work on Saturday T__T Tried to reinstall twice, with no luck, still stuck in the same place. But then I realized, from my previous experience, sometimes when you have USB device plugged into the computer, when booting the computer, Windows will have something like looping problems. For example, last time my windows crash, and then when I tried to restore the installation with my external drive attached, it is stuck on restoring for hours. In my case today, I realized I installed the windows from my external CD-Rom. It is because I re-installed Asus EEE PC in my work place which does not have CD-Rom by default.  So what I did: Do clean installation (for the third time) Wait until the setup finalized copying installation files, expanding the files, and installing the features.  Windows setup will give you final messa

What Blackberry can do, which iPhone Can't

I wrote this post because I just thought my blackberry is better :p Hahahaha.. No, I'm just kidding.. I just want to compare between two smartphones that I use currently, Blackberry Bold 9700 and iPhone 4S. What things that iPhone can not do / struggling to do (or have to use 3rd party apps): Can't change ringtone from your own music, You have to use 3rd party apps rmaker or purchase the ringtone from itunes even though you already purchased the complete song. And also using rmaker (free or paid version), the ring tone is limited to max 40 seconds. There is no sound profile. The only options are ring or silent (vibrate) I can make as many profile I want even on my old phone, so I can use it depending on my mood on the day Poor battery life Really can not compare the battery life with Blackberry. Iphone battery life only last for less than a day ~.~ No facebook contact sync My blackberry will sync my Facebook account and update the picture automatically when I connect it

Found blogger apps on app world

This is my test post from the iPhone :D let's see how well it works.