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MySQL using Command Line on PC with XAMPP installed

With XAMPP when you have to import a very big mysql table, even though you have increase the script time in php.ini but sometimes it still does not cut the mustard. I found out another way to do this by going through the command line interface. For this example, I am going to use ms-dos in Microsoft Windows, however you can do similar thing with SSH.

Navigate to your MySQL folder (by default it should be C:\xampp\mysql\bin)Run mysql.exe with this command: mysql -u yourusername -p yourpassword.Once you are in MySQL interface, then type use dataBaseName. If the dataBase is not set yet, run this command: create database databaseName;After the new database created, type use databaseName;To import, type: source pathToSQLData. In PC, it will be something like source C:\xampp\htdocs\backup.sqlIt should start importing your data now.
Extra tip: In the command line, you can do all sort of other things that you usually type in phpmyadmin sql section, it will be just faster and not constrained by…