Dragonvale New Updates for Christmas 2011

Backflip studio just released a new update to their well known iPhone game Dragonvale. Before this release, the maximum level of the player only reach maximum 20 levels. With the update, not only the level increased, Backflip also give several new updates such as:

  1. The red nosed Reindeer Dragon -> Still try to breed this >.< Here are my trials
  2. Dragon Shrines ->Allow the dragon level to reach level 15, once you have at least 50 dragons with level 10 -> to know your current number of your dragon, click on the shrines, and then press info. What I found out is that, even though the dragon has been sold, the shrines still keep the record of the dragon. So to fasten the process of getting 50 dragon with level 10, what you need to do is to buy/breed, raise the level, sell it, and re do the process again and again.
  3. New island look (snowy) -> Christmas-y :p
  4. The treat farms are now upgrade able. The new treat farm will able to produce more food for your dragon with lesser time.
  5. Epic Breeding Island -> More chance to get a rare dragon. But you have to buy it using gems :( It cost 125 gems.
  6. Some technical bugs fixed
This is the new look of the update:

Christmas Snowy Looks Island

New Treat Farm

New Dragon Shrines (this is the picture of earth shrines)


Anonymous said…
Cold dragon + tree dragoOn Should get reindeer dragon, got it on my first try, 2nd was another tree, 3rd another reindeer
How do you upgrade to the Huge Treat Farm? When I got to the market it's dimmed out. I am at level 19 now. Any suggestions?
Flickr said…
@the turtle triplet: you need to tap on the treat farm that you have at the moment and then select upgrade. It might be dimmed out because you already reach the maximum number of treat farm you can have
Flickr said…
@Anonymous: Sadly, I tried cold and tree to no avail until now :(
Anonymous said…
It also will not upgrade the treat farms if you are currently growing treats. I noticed that when I had upgraded all but the 2 farms that were in the process of making stuff. Had to wait until they were finished to upgrade. Now I just need moon,sun and that Blasted rainbow dragon. Hoping the breeding island brings me better success /:
Flickr said…
@Anonymous: That is correct, I missed that one. Yes, you have to finish growing treats, then you should be able to upgrade to the new one.

@The Turtle Tiplet: also make sure that you already has the latest version of the game.

@Anonymous: How is it, any luck with the breeding island?
Anonymous said…
Cold & tree is the right combo, but the reindeer dragon is seasonal, which means that you can only breed/buy it during winter. It will show up in the Market again when you can breed it. Same thing with the bone dragon, except that's for Halloween.
Anonymous said…
Does any know how to get a sun,moon,or a rainbow

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