What Blackberry can do, which iPhone Can't

I wrote this post because I just thought my blackberry is better :p Hahahaha.. No, I'm just kidding.. I just want to compare between two smartphones that I use currently, Blackberry Bold 9700 and iPhone 4S.

What things that iPhone can not do / struggling to do (or have to use 3rd party apps):
  1. Can't change ringtone from your own music,
    You have to use 3rd party apps rmaker or purchase the ringtone from itunes even though you already purchased the complete song. And also using rmaker (free or paid version), the ring tone is limited to max 40 seconds.
  2. There is no sound profile. The only options are ring or silent (vibrate)
    I can make as many profile I want even on my old phone, so I can use it depending on my mood on the day
  3. Poor battery life
    Really can not compare the battery life with Blackberry. Iphone battery life only last for less than a day ~.~
  4. No facebook contact sync
    My blackberry will sync my Facebook account and update the picture automatically when I connect it to my Facebook. Apparently not with iPhone. Again you need special program for this (fa sync app is free and it is pretty good)
  5. Somehow, there is no call block feature even with the apps.
    You have to jailbreak your iphone in order to use this
  6. No shortcut for running an apps or to contact someone
    Not even speed dial on iPhone ~.~
  7. No folder for pictures. All things just put into one big folder.
    In IOS 5 you can organize the picture in folder, but the picture will be just duplicated. The original will still sit your camera roll folder
  8. Emoticon is not there by default.
    Have to install app called emoji free.
  9. Can not change sound for an app.
    Some apps give you an option to do that, but most of them not give you that freedom. We have to stuck on their notification sound and volume.
  10. The multi task is confusing
    There is no option to really close the program. If you press home button, it will just minimize the program. In order for you to close it, you have to do series of steps (press home button for 2 seconds, press the program that running for 2 seconds, and press the minus symbol after the program start shaking)
These silly things are the reason why I still keep my BlackBerry phone :D Plus the BBM. I think,  nothing can beat Blackberry Messenger at this moment.


for convenience's sake, my blackberry is now more of the step child compared to the reliable, adorable, fashionable iPhone... :)

congrats for your upcoming wedding.
Flickr said…
ha.. but still you kept your Blackberry right? :D Thanks ^^ look forward to it..
Anonymous said…
Interesting write up, well I can't really say what you claim is untrue, I can say it doesn't really represent for me and many others I know how our iPhones really function. A stock iPhone has some limitations I am not so happy with but as you say there are options like jailbreaking. And after I have done my jailbreak and added some programs they become functions of the phone and no really apps you have to go to. I would bet after jailbreaking you could find the tweaks that would make every thing you said an effortless task of the iPhone and probably even do a better job in Some areas. I will never go back to a BB unless there was some radical neverseen feature which is unlikely.
Flickr said…
@Anonymous: True, after jailbreaking you can actually found lots of tweaks that can make your iPhone better than any other smartphone. Too bad, there's no app to connect the BB messenger to iPhone yet :( BB messenger is the one and the only reason why I still has not ditch my old Blackberry Bold.
pedro said…
Iphone's battery is too poor for a smartphone
Unknown said…
I personally prefer the Android powered phones. The iphone is slow with turtle speeds, and still doesn't support flash... I also like blackberries as well .... I currently have a bb 8520 and a mytouch 4g and love them both ... The blackberry has the best battery life.
Flickr said…
@Pedro: Yes, the battery is too poor if you compare it with Blackberry or other smart phone :( Especially After I jailbreak my iPhone, it drained my battery very fast

@Unknown: Which iPhone you have? iPhone 4S really speedy and I never have any lag at all. The only problem is just the battery for now >.<
It is good to know that you’ve found a perfect match for your Blackberry. Owning 2 different phone models might not be practical for some, but having both will let you analyze the features of each one, and choose what fits you better. And I also agree with you! BBM is a great feature!

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