Windows 7 Setup Stuck on Completing Installation

Have you ever install Windows 7 and wait for so long loooooooooooooooooooooooong on completing the installation? I did ~.~ just today when I have to work on Saturday T__T

Tried to reinstall twice, with no luck, still stuck in the same place. But then I realized, from my previous experience, sometimes when you have USB device plugged into the computer, when booting the computer, Windows will have something like looping problems. For example, last time my windows crash, and then when I tried to restore the installation with my external drive attached, it is stuck on restoring for hours.

In my case today, I realized I installed the windows from my external CD-Rom. It is because I re-installed Asus EEE PC in my work place which does not have CD-Rom by default. 

So what I did:
  • Do clean installation (for the third time)
  • Wait until the setup finalized copying installation files, expanding the files, and installing the features. 
  • Windows setup will give you final message that it will restart the computer, and on that time strip off every USB peripherals from your PC (including mouse and keyboard as well).
The installation ran smoothly. Windows setup restarted several times before it asked me to input my PC name. At that time, then I plugged my keyboard and mouse, typed the PC name, CD keys, and magically everything works great and I still have half day left on this bloody Saturday to enjoy my weekend :D

Hopefully this post will save your day as well as mine :) Cheers...


Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot, I was beginning to get really frustrated.
Flickr said…
No problem :) This is why I created this page at the first place, to help anyone that get lost :p
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot. Very Useful information.
Anonymous said…
Buy a Mac..
Flickr said…
Actually this happened only in an old device with low power option I think. I never have any problem with Windows 7 otherwise :D
Anonymous said…
Trung said…
Jesus, thanks, highly appreciated!
Unknown said…
Wowww your awesome thank you very much

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