Dragonvale dragon track winning guide

To make sure you win ever time you race on dragon track, follow the guide below:

* Pay attention on the track name. For example on the picture below, the track name is Rime or Reason.

* Select dragon based on this guide below:
  1. Blast Furnace - Fire, metal (Forge Dragon, Brass Dragon, Sulfur Dragon)
  2. Cherry Road - Fire, plant, earth (Cotton Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Paper Dragon)
  3. Dramoria - Cold, metal (Mine Dragon, Steel Dragon, Bearded Dragon)
  4. Electric skies - Lightning, air (Sonic Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Butterfly Dragon, Liberty Dragon)
  5. Marsh Land - Plant, water, earth (Seaweed Dragon, Swamp Dragon, Bouquet Dragon)
  6. Shimmering Fault Line - Lightning, earth (Crystal Dragon, Quake Dragon, Cotton Dragon)
  7. Rime or Reason - Air, cold (Blizzard Dragon, Snow Dragon)
  8. Ulster Meadow - Earth, plant (Moss Dragon, Tree Dragon, Forest Dragon, Clover Dragon, Cotton Dragon, Mistletoe Dragon, Paper Dragon, Sakura Dragon, Carnival Dragon, Arbor Dragon)
  9. Year of dragon - Earth, water, air, fire (Panlongg dragon)
source: http://dragonvale.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Track


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