Black screen on Chrome Browser when using Google Maps

It happened when I tried to enable openGL (beta) when opening Google maps in Google Chrome from my work laptop. 

I was using this openGL new feature from Google since last month in Firefox and Chrome from my home laptop and they were running pretty well. But for some reason, when I tried to enable it in my work laptop, the Google Chrome just showed a dark black page. There is nothing I can do because the screen is black. Tried to reset cookies and reset all settings back to default in Chrome with no avail.

Solution 1 (If you still want to use OpenGL) I then realized this laptop like some of new laptops have a hybrid display setting (my laptop is Dell Vostro 3550 with ATI Radeon Graphic Card) . Because I use  Google Chrome pretty often, that's why I set it to use the ATI Radeon instead of power saving Intel Graphic Card.

So I turned the graphic option back to Intel (power saving), restart the browser and viola.. The maps show itself well. Interesting fact that actually openGL works well with the power saving graphic (Intel) and crash when I use the high perfomance graphic (AMD ATI Radeon). Strange ~.~

Solution 2 (If solution 1 is not applicable for you): If you don't want to use the openGL mode or do not have a hybrid graphic, you can opt out manually from openGL option by visiting If you're using a different domain, replace .com with your current domain. (source: Google Help)

Hope it will solve your frustration :D


Maximilian said…
Much appreciate for this! Google is so unreachable sometimes.
Anonymous said…
Excellent! Problem Solved.

Thank you for your time spent posting this. Much Appreciated.

Will spread the word.
nascentt said…
Legend. This completely fixed my issue.

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