Enable PHP opcache extension on Windows XAMPP

If your XAMPP comes with PHP 5.5+ by default, opcache already included in the bundle, you will just need to enable it. To enable the extension:

  1. Open php.ini (by default it should be located here: C:\xampp\php\php.ini).
  2. Add this line at the end of the file: zend_extension = "C:\xampp\php\ext\php_opcache.dll"
    You will need to adjust the path if you installed XAMPP in non default location.
  3. Restart Apache server.


drupalroxx said…
thank you for providing such a great help :)
Anonymous said…
And it is also working for me. Thank you!
arjun madhav said…
Hey..thanks a ton! it resolved my problem :)
scorp13 said…
A little addition about the opcache working on Windows, specifically about opcache blacklist file — it seems that when working on Windows (including XAMPP), you can not use wildcards ("*" and "?" symbols) inside it.
More info.
Alessio said…
In my php.ini I have already :


How can I do? list the dll by separating them with a semicolon ?

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