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Loyalty card on your Pebble watch

View image | I am one person that hate bringing too much loyalty cards but also hate when I do not have it when I need it. Long time ago, I though I found the solution by storing them in my phone using storcard app, however since iPhone screen is too bright, most of the time the card won't get scanned. Since I bought Pebble smart watch, one thing crossed my mind, because it has e-ink display, why don't I store my loyalty card on the device? I googled how to do this, however the only answer I found is by creating an image of your loyalty card and then use WatchFace Generator to create a new watch face with your loyalty card. It might works (I have not test it) however since Pebble only has 8 app slots, it might not be the most effective way to do it. Then I browsed through the Pebble watch app store and found an app, it is called Skunk. The app itself is very simple, however it serves my purpose. It can hold 8 loyalty cards in one app! The pr

Sorting apps on Pebble smart watch

One thing that bugging me is how Pebble store the installed application in my watch based on installation date. There was no way for me to re-arrange the application based on what I think logical. Asked Google and found out that some people having the same problem. Some suggested to uninstall the application using Pebble app and reinstall it in the correct order. I tried to do that, but not only I lost all the data stored in the application, it does not work as well. Actually in the forum, it suggested for me to restart the watch after doing this process, but I don't bother to do it, which might cause the failure. Out of curiosity, I tried to push the select button for several seconds. Surprisingly, it behaves like iPhone sorting mechanism, all applications wiggling and you can move the applications which you have selected before using the up and down button. It also works on Pebble's native applications like music, alarm, notification, etc. I am so glad to find out about