The Block 2013

Wondering which real estate agent did action for The Block All Star 2013
and what was the outcome?

Phil and Amity
Reserve $1.375m
Sales $1.67m
Profit $295,000 + $100,000 Winning Money

Josh and Jenna
Reserve $1.375m
Auction result $1.65m
Profit $275,000
Auctioneer: Ray White

Dan and Dani
Reserve $1.355m
Auction result $1.575m
Profit $220,000

Mark and Duncan
Reserve $1.345m
Auction result $1.370m
Profit $25,000
Auctioneer: BresicWhitney

And good news for you that live in Victoria, I just passed by Biz Motel some while ago at Park St South Melbourne, and saw a big The Block sign. There are lots of TV crew around the property later on the day, made me wonder is this going to be part of The Block 2013 All Star?

Apparently after I read the article, it is not going to be part of The Block 2013 All Star, but there will be another The Block series, titled: Sky High. This new series will taken place here in South Melbourne, renovating the old Biz Motel. (source: Wikipedia,

As I live just around the corner, it's going to be fun :D


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