New Updates from Dragonvale Version (1.8) May Release

Finally, with this update (released today 18 May 2012 in Australia) Backflip studio really made some big differences. Usually Dragonvale updates is so minor that it does not intrigued me enough to play this game for very long time or to be bothered to write a post about that. But with this new update (1.8), it really make the game feels fun -again-.
So, what are the new things that introduced? 
  1. The most easy to notice update is the new design of the login screen (it is the time already after bored with the same screen look for very long time). The picture is still the same (sadly), but the way it is designed is different. Right now, the image are smaller and there is a space to run a random message. Backflip studio mentioned: "Pay attention to the new tips from the DragonVale wizard that appear as you wait a moment for the game to load. You may learn a few tricks that could help you further advance in the game"

    Yes, I found some messages that are good for person that just play this game like: "Use boost buildings to increase your income", but some messages are silly and funny in the same time, such as: "Mud dragons seem to be attacted to clean carpet!".. Clean carpet?? Really? -.-' Some other funny message that I found are:
    - Don't worry about where you put Fire dragons, the don't burn things.. much
    - It's probably best to stand back while wizards are performing magic

    New Login Screen
    1. There is a new instand, called Gemstone Island. It is a new island that cost 400.000 coins and take 24 hours to  built. This island mentioned as a home to a new breed of magical Gemstone dragons. Each month, Dragonvale will release a new dragon based on the month's birthstone. For example, for this month (May), Dragonvale has emerald dragon to breed / buy with gems. This dragon is breed able by combining Lichen Dragon and Crystal Dragon (source: Instead of producing coins, this dragon will produce a GEM, with a rate of 2/month. Amazingly interesting.
      Emerald Dragon, only available in May
      1. Breeding habitat upgrade. Now, it is possible for you to upgrade the Breeding Cave (600 gems) or upgrade the Breeding Island (1250 gems). Both upgrade will give the same result of faster breeding time. I have not really upgrade my breeding cave and island because it cost lots of gems :( so I can't really comment on how fast it will be. Anyone tried?

        Prize you have to pay to upgrade your Breeding Cave
        1. New choice when the egg is ready to be hatched: Display. Previously we only able to hatch or sell the egg, but now, Dragonvale offer the egg to be displayed in an egg pedestal. The egg will not be able to be hatched after you choose the Display option, but will be a nice decoration for your park for sure. And also, it seems like the pedestal type will be different for every dragon that put in display.
          You can now choose: Hatch or Display or Sell

          Lichen Dragon Pedestal (left), Leaf Dragon Pedestal (right), and my narcisstic Rainbow Dragon :D
        2. New Items in the Market Decoration Section: Gemstone Flag (1000 coins) and Butterfly Pavilion (3500 coins). I love butterfly pavilion as it looks very nice :D

          Gemstone Flag and Butterfly Pavilion

          That's all of the updates I can see from the game today. Do you know any new updates in this 1.8 version of Dragonvale that I forgot to mention? Feel free to leave a comment below.  :D Cheers...


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