Ipad 2 with 32nm Processor Upgrade (Ipad 2.4)

I bought my iPad 2 (16GB Wifi) about 2 weeks ago because of the significant price drop (in Australia, you can get this iPad 2 for as low as $399 in Dick Smith while iPad 3 still priced around $500). I was very happy with this iPad 2, the battery is good, the screen resolution is acceptable, also I can not see any performance issue at all.

But just today, I read lots of news regarding the new improved Apple iPad 2. It's basically the same item but with different processor. The new iPad 2 is using Samsung 32nm processor in opposed to Intel 45nm processor which shipped with the original model of the iPad 2.

The new processor, theoretically resulted in good performance improvement over the original iPad 2. As Apple decided to put the same clock speed as the original iPad (1Ghz), therefore the performance improvement only can be felt trough the battery life. The iPad 2.4 will have a longer battery life and also less heat compared with the original iPad 2 based on my research on the internet (because I only got one iPad 2 at the moment, so I can't really comment on the truth of this statement).

If you just bought a new iPad, and curious on which iPad version you got, you can try your luck by downloading a free app called linpack (available in App Store). This is the screenshot of my iPad benchmark by linpack. As you can see, unfortunately my iPad is the first generation that still got 45nm processor (iPad 2.1).

This is the comparison list for all iPad version
  • iPad 2.1: 45nm iPad with WiFi
  • iPad 2.2: 45nm iPad with WiFi and GSM
  • iPad 2.3: 45nm iPad with WiFi and CDMA
  • iPad 2.4: 32nm iPad with WiFi
If after you check this and found out that your iPad is still the original version of iPad, please do not feel bad :D as of this moment, Apple still ship the iPad 2 with 45nm processor as well.

I guess, Apple still unsure about the quality of Samsung brand :D even though it has better technology, but who will know about the quality. Might be that's why Apple decided just to try and see which one is better by producing both products at the same time.

For me, it is better to be in the safe place with the original iPad that has been proven for a year now rather than become Apple guinea pig and try the new processor. The original battery life is not too bad already anyway, and I never feel any heat or performance problem, so I'm happy to stick with 1Ghz Intel processor at least until someone able to overclock the speed of Samsung processor in the new version of the Ipad 2.

Source: anand tech and chipworks


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