Reece Mastin "Good Night" vs. Pink - "Raise Your Glass"

Pink VS Reece Mastin
Recee Mastin just won the XFactor Australia and he got the new song contract from Sony Recording. The song title is Good Night. It was first aired around 22 of November 2011. When I heard the first tune of this song, do you know what it reminds me of? Pink song, Raise your glass :D

Apparently I'm not the only one. Lots of rumor in the internet that this song actually is a rip off  of Raise Your Glass song from Pink. Some people even say 'Good Night' that sung by Recee is actually 'Raise Your Glass" music with different words. Wow... Sony will have some explanation to do if the problem became bigger. 

For me, the similarities happen just because in fact it uses the same chord, and tempo and beats. Good Night song using the chord G D Em C and the same with Raise your glass, it is a combination of 
G D C C Em D.. There.. Now you will know why it feels similar.. But the song itself are really different from my point of view.

If you want to compare it by yourself, there is a good website to start:

It will run the video in the same time, so you can spot the differences. Also try to start the Recee Mastin song from seconds 32 and Pink song from seconds 39 so you can feel the refrain similarities between those two.

Happy comparing :D


Anonymous said…
When I heard 'Good night' being a reasonably out of touch 30 something, I started singing pinks anthem. I was wondering why the words coming out of mouth were not the same as the radio's version. After a some investigation I recall stating to my wife,"Wow, that's a lawsuit in the making'. Big thumbs down to the song copiers, I mean 'writers'.
Masood said…
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