App for Switch Wifi without Jailbreak

Previously it is not possible for us to create a shortcut for wifi switcher in iPhone unless you jailbreak your phone. This is because Apple does not allow setting for apps to turn on or off the wifi setting.

Luckily, I found a solution to turn the wifi on and off without the need of jailbreak. What you need to do is go to this website: from your phone.

Then based on what you need, just click on various settings available and then add to home screen. For example, to create a shortcut for wifi switcher, click on wifi. It will ask whether you want to open this page in "Settings"?, press cancel.
Afterwards, click on the middle bottom button on the same page, it will pop out options, and then press add to home screen.

And then you just need to wait for the icon picture to load and then press ok. After you done that, you will have one new icon, called wifi, which you can tap anytime to switch off or on your wifi. This shortcut will safe your time, so instead of tapping on 3 or 4 steps, it will reduce it to two steps maks.

Go and have a try :)


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