Air TV from Apple Paired with iPhone 4S

I just purchased a new game for my iPhone, Metal Storm. It is a Jet fighting game on iPhone. When I play this game, I think to my self, how if we actually able to play this game in a larger screen while holding the iPhone as the controller. It will be so much awesome.

Then I searched on net on how to connect iPhone to big screen. At first I thought I have to buy the clumsy cable made in China, which need to be connected with VGA or HDMI, but boy... I am definetely wrong. Apple already got the technology for this. It is called Apple TV.
Apple TV is a device that run as a digital TV box. You can borrow movies, watch YouTube, listen to radio, songs. But the best plus technology for this device is the Air Play Mirroring, which will mirror what you have on your iPhone to a bigger TV that connected to the Apple TV, wirelessly. Yes, so my thought of clumsy cable gone, and I just go straight to JB HiFi (I live in Australia) to purchase one this device.

The packaging is very simple, inside the box you only will find the Apple TV (very small), power cable, the remote (only got three buttons), and guide book. The Apple TV itself need to be connected using HDMI (not provided) and if you want you can use digital audio cable (not provided as well).

The installation is very straight forward and easy as well. Just plug the device to a power, plug the HDMI cable, viola.. you have it running. It is very important to update this device to the latest firm ware to be sure you get the latest experience from Apple.

How to run the Air Play Mirroring? After you install all the device, what you need to do is just to do double tap on your home button, and then scroll to the left, until you see this screen as shown below:

There is new button on the right beside the volume slider. That is the button to activated the Air Play Mirroring. So what you need to do is just to click on the button, choose Apple TV and slide the mirroring on.

You can also access this setting from double tapping the home button when the screen is locked, or by go to photo library and click on the similar button below your pictures.
After you finish doing that, your screen will just mirror your iPhone screen display. As the iPhone display limited to 720p only, so as you can see, I got black border on my Screen (my screen resolution is 1920x1200).

That's how I setup the Apple TV for Air Mirroring to my screen. As I mentioned earlier you can see how tiny the Apple TV is. 

The picture above is showing what the iTunes store look like if you access it from your Apple TV. Pretty neat and you can watch the review first before buying the movie.

So.. Let's go back to Air Mirroring. After use it for sometimes, my first opinion is, if you use it for Facebook, reading, or other simple stuffs, the Apple TV can handle that well, with very minimum delay. Then I try to use it for gaming (the Metal Storm game of course :D)

Surprisingly, with this game, the iPhone will not mirror what you see on your device. Instead, it gives the hud panel on the iPhone and the jet on the screen which is very great :D Now I can use the iPhone for controller and see my plane on my big screen like what I always wanted. There is a delay sometimes when I play this game, probably because I don't use a good router (I use netcomm N router and it give me lots of troubles lately).

But hey, it is quite satisfy me already. For now I will just enjoy playing this game for the rest of my week end :D

Problems with Air Mirroring: I got some problem to connect to Apple TV after turning the device off. From what I read on the website, Air Mirroring still in early stage of development, thus sometimes you will not see the Air Play button. If this happen to you, just be patient. Turn air play on and off from the Apple TV, and wait for 2 minutes before try to access the setting from your iPhone.


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