I got a new iPhone 4s

After using Blackberry 9700 for almost 2 years, I guess it is time for me to update to a newer version of smart phone. This story below is why I consider to ditch replace my Blackberry.

Lady in the movie counter (LITMC): ticket please

Me: I got it on my email (show my blackberry)

(LITMC): *tried so hard to pinch and touch my screen

Me: ummm, it is not a touch screen, it is blackberry

(LITMC): *ignoring me and still try to pinch the screen

Me: T_T

Since Apple just release iPhone 4S with Siri, it really tempt me to buy it, so I got this phone about a week ago.

My verdict? For me, Blackberry is way more better and smarter than iPhone :D
Yes, iPhone got its own strength, but Blackberry is much better in many ways. In my next post I'll show you why :)

For now, I'll just play around with my iPhone and hoping that with a lot of apps, it can beat my Blackberry.


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