How to Maximize Your iPhone 4S

 10 Hidden Stuffs That Are Useful in iPhone 4S (IOS5)

This tutorial is written by me after some trial using my IOS5 iphone, so I'm not too sure whether it will be the same with the older (or newer?) version of IOS.

By the way, these tutorials are quite basic, so I just wrote them for people that still new to iPhone (like me :D) and for people that use Blackberry too long (like me :D). Hahahaha....

Anyway, these are the shortcuts/new things/tricks that I found on my Iphone 4S which use IOS5

  1. Camera Shortcut
    Ever wonder how to open up your camera application quickly? This will make you happy :D Double tap your home button when the iPhone is locked, and you will see on the bottom right corner, there is new shortcut for camera.

  2. Close Running Apps
    When you click your home button, actually those application is not closed (some are really closed, some save their current state and minimized themselves). To see your running apps, press home button twice. To close them, hold one of the application in the running apps toolbar until it shakes. It will then give minus sign which you can press to close the apps completely. Some people say it will save up your battery, some disagree.. It is not clear yet until now whether this will improve the performance your iPhone.
  3. Capture Screen
    Old trick, but it is really useful. I use this to create this post. All the pictures here are captured using the built in screen capture. To do this, press home button, hold it and then click on sleep button on top of your iPhone once. It will capture your active screen and save it to your camera roll.
  4. Hidden dictionary
    Usage: show off to your friend that you understand every word in English :D. To open up dictionary, highlight the word, and then click on small triangle sign on the right of the pop out notification.

    From there, there is a button called define. Click there and it will give you the definition you looking for. Brilliant :D

    This is the sample of the dictionary. Very comprehensive.
  5. Dictate your phone
    There is a new button in iPhone 4s. I called it Siri button :D. Press this button once on which ever program that need a text input, and then speak naturally to your phone. 80% of the time, Siri will understand me well and translate my voice correctly. Look mom, I can type with no hand now :D
  6. Shake to undo
    If you delete a word accidentally, shake your phone hard. It will give you option to undo what you did.
  7. Restart your Iphone.. Sometimes it is needed.
    No biggie, sometimes we need to restart our own phone when it became unresponsive. Press home button and sleep button in the same time and hold it for about 7 seconds until you can see the apple logo.
  8. + button = take camera button (I love this!!)
    I was very angry when I got my iPhone. They are really give customer less button than other smart phone. It does not have dedicated button for camera, no button for quick shortcut, no button for convinience access ~.~ but anyway, I found out that actually you can use + button (button to raise the volume) to trigger the camera. Bravo iPhone :D even though I still wish they will make shortcut button for iPhone 5 later.
  9. AF lock.. (For photography lover)
    When you open your camera, if you press a section long enough, not only it will focus on that, it also will lock the AF setting. So you can play more with your camera and use it like a pro :D there is a HDR option as well if you go to setting. But I think the HDR result is still not very descent yet. You can always try though, eliminate boringness in taking picture :D
  10. Categorize your photo
    This is the last capability that I really appreciate from Apple. Previously, there is no way you can categorize your camera roll album. Right now, the new IOS got this function to add to album. What you need to do just to press the option link on top of the camera roll menu as shown here.

    Select picture you want to add to a folder, and then press add to button. It will ask whether you want to add to existing picture album or new one.

    Please not that after you add it to an album, the picture still there in camera roll. This is not a bug, it is just something that I think iPhone developer need to work on this.
That's all new stuffs that I can think right now. If you have any useful hidden shortcut, please let me know :D


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