What you do when you are boring

I feel so bored this morning :( So I decided to write one or two things here. My topic is what you do when you are boring?! People is not a perfect machine, they fail very often. Boring, is one failure in life, so I think, we should fix it immediately before it spread out, made us weaker each day. For me, to lose this boringness, I'll do something not ordinary :)

Writing is something that I not really like, especially writing in English >.< Hmm.. That challenge for me and I will do it. From today, I will commit to start writing on my blog, and update it as much as possible (God please help >.<)

Hahaha... That is what I'm doing when I'm boring, commit to some thing that I really don't like. Giving my self new challenges, made me see the world in a fresher way. Odd and nerd I know. But hey, people created different right? Good day for all of you :) Have a good night, and cu in my other post.


Exsotic Birds said…
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Anis said…
i think i'll try to change myself if I am boring to be a more pleasant person, hehe.. But, if I am bored, one article was actually saying that I should enjoy it for it leads to creativity. Rather than trying to turn on your ipod or watch random movies, immerse in your boredom. Nice blog Adrian!

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