How to share file on VirtualBox 2.2

Virtual box 2.2 will stop working, if you choose to share folder using VirtualBox Shared Folder function. This problem exist particularly on Windows Guest. Sun still have not come out with solution on this problem, so we have to trick it a little bit to able to exchange files between host and guest OS. In this case study I use VirtualBox 2.2 on Windows Vista Host.

Using USB Devices
  1. Copy the file you want to your USB storage, and then close all windows.
  2. In VirtualBox 2.2, USB setting is enable by default. So what you have to do is click USB from setting of your Virtual Machine. Don't turn on virtual machine, because if you set the USB after you turn the machine on, it is likely you will get an error message.
  3. Click on plus button, and select USB storage device you want to take over by your Virtual Machine.

  4. That's it, simple and easy. Just one downside, the USB Storage Device will not detected anymore on your host. Means you have to disconnect USB from virtual machine before copy another file to your virtual machine.
Using Host-only Network

  1. Using this option, you will able to share files more efficient rather than using third media (USB devices). What you will do is connect the host and the virtual machine to one network, so the virtual machine can copy from host shared folder.
  2. First enable file sharing and share your file on the host operating system.
  3. On Virtual machine properties, select host only network. VirtualBox will create a virtual adapter on your network. If you still want to access internet while sharing file, create this host only network on your second network adapter

  4. Open Network and Sharing center on your Windows host and then click manage network connection. Block the virtual adapter, and the your active real adapter, right click and select bridge network.

  5. Run your virtual machine, and set the IP address statically on your virtual machine. Pick the IP address that has the same subnet as your host network
    Ex: your network is, your host IP is, then pick unused ip address between - 244.
  6. Try pinging on both machine, if it works well, then what you need to do only open windows explorer and then type \\[ip address of your host] for Windows guest OS or smb:\\[ip address of your host] for Linux guest OS. ex \\ on Windows Explorer
  7. That's it. More steps I know, but this will enable you to share file faster than VirtualBox shared folder function and more reliable than using USB devices.
Hope this tutorial will help you to choose VirtualBox as your virtual machine software. The bottom line is VirtualBox indeed still has some flaws, but it is very fast and not use a lot of resources, that's why I still using it.


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