How to install Virtualbox Addition Ubuntu 9.04

Installing virtual box guest addition will enable guest operating system to maximize the usage of 3D Acceleration, will allow guest operating system to use bigger resolution, provide seamless mode capability and also enable mouse integration.

This tutorial will show step by step how to install virtual box addition on Linux guest and Windows Host.

  1. Run Linux (in this case I use Ubuntu 9.04), and then select Devices, Install guest additions...
  2. Ubuntu will automatically mount a new CD room, contains the installation of Virtual Box Guest Addition.
  3. Open your terminal (On Ubuntu, go to Application, Accessories, and select Terminal)
  4. Type cd /media/cdrom, press enter
  5. Type sudo sh ./
  6. It will install all the program, and if you see installation successful, restart required message, type sudo shutdown -r 0 and hit enter. It will restart your host operating system, and after the installation, you should be able to maximize the function that I stated above.
For some people that getting trouble, because mouse integration is not working, see this post.


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